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Everyone wants to have healthy hair. Well-nourished hair gives you an optimistic feel. But with the daily routines, hair loss has become a common factor. Let’s take a look at how PRP treatment helps in the process of Hair Restoration.


Are you battling with excess hair loss problems? Now regain your lost hair and confidence with Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Re-growth Treatment. PRP hair treatment is a non-invasive procedure that stimulates the damaged hair follicles thereby making way for hair to grow naturally. Plasma Hair treatment is fully natural and suits men and women. It is safe and reliable as persons own Platelet-rich Plasma is used to generate new hair and to improve hair thickness in the scanty areas of the scalp where multiple injections are given into Hair roots.

Treating Hair Loss with PRP:

Thinning and Hair Loss have become most common with the routines and the stressful conditions of the present day. PRP hair re-growth treatment thus plays an important role to treat hair loss, thinning and stimulates hair growth. AKIRA Clinic uses the most effective methods of PRP Treatment. The hair care techniques and expertise of our Dermato-Trichologists make us one of the top brands today.

Why choose akira for PRP Hair Restoration treatment

  • Team of Medical experts who analyze the root cause of Hair problem.

  • Usage of latest techniques.

  • Closely monitor patient’s response to treatment, and assessing results thereof.

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