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In skin biopsy treatment, dermatologist takes a sample of your skin and tests it. It mainly helps to know skin diseases like skin cancer, infection, or other skin diseases. Tylenol is usually sufficient to relieve any discomfort. The sample is very small sometimes it is like a rice gain. There are several types of biopsy tests. Which your doctor will apply it depend on them. Dr. Amit Gulati's AKIRA Skin Clinic uses very high technology for the biopsy. You get here this treatment on your budget also. Now we are also available in Malad West Mumbai, India.

Sometimes for skin biopsy treatment, you don’t need to admit in the hospital also. It mainly depends on the dermatologist experience. There are several types of biopsy tests are available. The method your doctor chooses for you will depend on the reason for the biopsy size or location. After this procedure, your doctor sends the sample to the laboratory. A skin biopsy is used to diagnose or rule out skin conditions and diseases. A skin biopsy is a medical procedure in which a small sample of skin tissue is removed, processed for testing, and examined under a microscope to determine certain skin conditions and diseases. No matter the size of skin biopsy and whether or not you have stitches, you can heal the site of a skin biopsy using medical treatments and home remedies.

Skin biopsy treatment removes cells or skin samples from the body and after examined this doctor gave the information about your medical condition. Results of biopsies for metabolic or genetic testing can take several months or more. It may also be used to remove skin lesions. There are several different methods used to obtain sample tissue for skin biopsies, depending on the size and location of the suspect area on your skin, and they may require stitches after the procedure.

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